Concilium Musicum Wien: Anniversary Concert

Photo: Concilium Musicum Wien: Anniversary Concert



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Franz Joseph Haydn Symphony No. 101 In D Major ‘The Clock’.
Michaël Haydn Symphony No. 39 In C Major Mh 478 P. 31.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Clarinet Concerto In A Major K622.
Ernst Schlader (Basset Clarinet).

Concilium Musicum Wien, Paul Angerer.

The Concilium musicum Vienna, which plays on authentic period instruments, was founded by Paul and Christoph Angerer in 1982 and has since elaborated an extensive musical spectrum from the music of the Baroque period to the dance music of the 19th century. The 30th anniversary of the ensemble was celebrated in the festival hall of the Austrian Academy of Sciences with a concert that is now being released as a CD. They performed Symphonies No. 39 by Johann Michael Haydn and No. 101 in D major ‘The Clock’ by Joseph Haydn. For the Concerto in A major for Basset Clarinet KV 622 by Wolfgang Amadé Mozart, the clarinetist Ernst Schlader uses an instrument reconstructed from historical sources.

30 Years of the Concilium musicum Vienna

The Concilium musicum Vienna was founded by Paul and Christoph Angerer in 1982 to perform works of the 18th century. Since its beginnings, it has been a special concern of the ensemble to excavate hidden musical treasures. Hence, in the past years the names of forgotten composers and their valuable composers have reappeared in their programmes and on their CDs and have always been received by the public with interest and enthusiasm. The ensemble only performs on period and authentic instruments from the time between 1700 and the late 19th century.
The ensemble Concilium musicum Vienna performs worldwide in differing instrumentations, from the chamber music formation to the orchestra. The ensemble holds successful concerts in major cities and small towns, in castles and palaces, in monasteries and churches – and at international festivals. Many radio and television recordings as well as a series of CD productions testify not least to the diversified repertoire of the Concilium musicum Vienna.
Ernst Schlader, internationally renowned as a performer on historical clarinet instruments and a member of ensembles such as the Academy of Old Music in Berlin, the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, Ars Antiqua Austria or the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra, has been a regular partner of the Concilium musicum Vienna for many years.

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