Instrumental Music From The Year 1600

Photo: Instrumental Music From The Year 1600

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Etienne Du Tertre Pavane & Galliard (From Attaignant’S Danceries 1557): Pavane,
Pavane & Galliard (From Attaignant’S Danceries 1557): Galliarde,
Branle I (From Attaignant’S Danceries 1557),
Branle Ii (From Attaignant’S Danceries 1557).
Eustache Du Caurroy Fantasy No.1 On “Une Jeune Fillette”,
Fantasy No.2 On “Une Jeune Fillette”: Fantasy No. 2,
Fantasy No.3 On “Une Jeune Fillette”,
Fantasy No.4 On “Une Jeune Fillette”,
Fantasy No.5 On “Une Jeune Fillette”.
Antony Holborne Pavan “The Funerals”.
Thomas Morley Il Grillo Fantasia For Instrumental Consort.
Thomas Tomkins Almain In F Major For 4 Viols.
John Cooper Fantasia.
Elway Bevin Browning.
Johann Sommer Pavane & Galliard (From Auserlesene Paduanen): Pavan,
Pavane & Galliard (From Auserlesene Paduanen): Galliard.
Isaac Posch Work(S): [Unspecified] Intrada For 4 Voices,
Work(S): [Unspecified] Couranta For 4 Voices.
Samuel Schneidt Canzon Super O Nachbar Roland (Ludi Musici).
Giovanni Gabrieli Canzon No. 27 (“Fa Sol La Re”) For 8 Parts (Same As Canzon No.9 From 1615 Collection),
Work(S): [Unspecified] Canzone A 4.
Gioseffo Guami Canzone A 8.
Tiburtio Massaino Canzone A 8.


Concentus Musicus Wien, Nicolaus Harnoncourt.