On The Nature Of Electricity & Acoustics

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Roger Doyle Baby Grand .
Educution Again With The Hose .
Deep Burial Gluebaglung (Edit) .
Ian Wilson Devotional 3 .
Brian Ó Huiginn Left Handed March – 3Rd Movement .
Sunken Foal Colloidal Glass .
Richard G Evans Grindelwald’S Wedding .
Spectac Centurion .
Linda Buckley Error Messages .
Donnacha Dennehy Misterman .
Pat Daly Com-Plex .
Vincent Doherty Snow Din .
Operating Theatre Miss Mauger .
Enda Bates Liminality (Excerpt) .
A = Apple Middlepoint .
Trevor Knight The Ancient Community Of Dreams And Fatigues .
Alex Dowling Recommended By Dentists (Excerpt) .
Cathal Coughlan Second City Bicycle Bounce .
Amoebazoid Prey .
Princess Tinymeat Devilcock! (Instrumental) .
Melodica Deathship Maghera .
Schroeder’S Cat Goodbye .
Daniel Figgis Lucky’S Bad Day .

“… Irish electro-acoustic music has developed from the academic pursuit of pointy/beardy types into something that lives, breathes and makes sense. These are clever, cogent dispatches from the fringes…” – Tony Clayton-Lea, The Irish Times

“a wide-ranging and intelligent overview of outsider electronic music in Ireland”– Ian Maleney, The Quietus

“Album of the Month” – The Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland

“This album is a wake up call for the senses… An exciting instrumental music project that combines experimental coolness with lovely Irish Folk harmonies.” – Winifried Dulisch, AUDIO magazine (Germany)

Heresy’s first release of 2013 features an anthology of rare instrumental works from many of Ireland’s most renowned contemporary classical composers and cutting-edge electronica artists.

Curated by composer Daniel Figgis, the album is available in two formats, a 23-track CD and an iTunes exclusive digital download that features the work of 35 artists.

Beginning with Baby Grand (1978) by “The Godfather of Irish Electronica”, Roger Doyle, and moving forward to the present day, On The Nature Of Electricity & Acoustics presents a wide range of works demonstrating the diversity, creativity and originality of one of Europe’s most innovative contemporary music scenes over the past generation.

From hauntingly lyrical compositions to lo-fi sound experiments, rousing electronic anthems to transcendental explorations of Celtic mysticism and pure sonic mayhem, On The Nature Of Electricity & Acoustics introduces you to Ireland’s most experimental and avant-garde musical idiom, one that exhibits international influences but is distinctly Irish in temperament and character.

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