Ornstein: Piano Music, Volume Two

Photo: Ornstein: Piano Music, Volume Two

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Leo Ornstein Complete Waltzes S400–16,
Suite Russe S58,
A Morning In The Woods S106 .


Arsentiy Kharitonov (Piano).

The Russian-born American pianist-composer Leo Ornstein (1893–2002) lived long enough – an astonishing 109 years – to see his music both fall into and re-emerge from obscurity. With his earliest surviving work dating from around 1905 and his last from 1990, Ornstein’s music naturally embraces a range of styles, extending on this second CD of his piano music from the Rachmaninov-like Suite Russe (1914) to the brittle but urgent Impressionism of A Morning in the Woods (1971). The meat of this disc is the extraordinary sequence of seventeen Waltzes Ornstein composed, largely in the 1960s and ’70s, which vary from the sexily languorous to the boldly tempestuous, requiring the fearless virtuosity that Arsentiy Kharitonov brings to them here.

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