Oscar Peterson Trio: Night Train, The Jazz Soul of Oscar Peterson

Oscar Peterson Trio: Night Train, The Jazz Soul of Oscar Peterson


Καλλιτέχνης: Oscar Peterson

Albums: Night Train, The Jazz Soul of Oscar Peterson

Εταιρία: Verve


Τιμή: €9

Two classic albums on one cd
Brand new digital remaster
From the original sources
Full original album art inside


„Night Train” is one of Oscar Peterson’s biggest records
ever – and for good reason too! The album’s got a bit
more grit in the grooves than usual for Peterson – a tight
60s soul jazz vibe at times, especially on the classic title
track! Impeccable rhythm work from Ray Brown and Ed
Thigpen. “The Jazz Soul Of” was one of the first Oscar
Peterson albums to feature “soul” in the title – and a
record that really showcases the harder-hitting style
he’d use in the 60s – a move to a trio with drums, after
lots of drum-less recordings in the 50s.



01. Peterson, Oscar Trio «Night Train»
02. Peterson, Oscar «C Jam Blues»
03. Peterson, Oscar «Georgia On My Mind»
04. Peterson, Oscar «Bags’ Groove»
05. Peterson, Oscar Trio «Moten Swing»
06. Peterson, Oscar Trio «Easy Does It»
07. Peterson, Oscar «Honey Dripper»
08. Peterson, Oscar Trio «Things Ain’t What They Used To Be»
09. Peterson, Oscar Trio «I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good»
10. Peterson, Oscar Trio «Band Call»
11. Peterson, Oscar Trio «Hymn To Freedom»
12. Peterson, Oscar «Night Train»
13. Peterson, Oscar «Volare»
14. Peterson, Oscar «My Heart Belongs To Daddy»
15. Peterson, Oscar «Moten Swing»
16. Peterson, Oscar Trio «Now’s The Time»
17. Peterson, Oscar «This Could Be The Start Of Something / Night Train»

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