Pacific Trio: American Composers

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George Gershwin Suite From “Porgy And Bess”,
Second Prelude.
Leonard Bernstein Piano Trio.
Aaron Copland Vitebsk – Study On A Jewish Theme.
Robert Muczynski First Piano Trio Op. 24.


Edith Orloff (Piano), Roger Wilkie (Violin), John Waltz (Cello).
In 1939, Leonard Bernstein graduated from Harvard. His senior thesis was entitled “The Absorption of Race Elements into American Music.” While working on the paper, he wrote to his friend and mentor Aaron Copland: “The thesis tries to show that there is something American in the newer music, which relies not on folk material, but on a native spirit, or which relies on a new American form.” Only a few composers met the criteria of the specific national American style Bernstein had in mind: George Gershwin, Aaron Copland, and, as he may have foreseen, he himself. It is this generation of genuine American composers – including Robert Muczynski, who was only 12 years old when Bernstein received his BA degree – whom the PACIFIC TRIO honors with this recording. Founded in 1979 in Los Angeles, the PACIFIC TRIO has played more than 1,000 concerts to audiences in the USA, Canada and Europe. Beside its concert tours it also works as trio-in-residence at Idyllwild Arts Summer Program in Southern California. In 1986 the trio gave its New Yor debut at Lincoln Center and three years later recorded its first CD with trio works by Brahms and Shostakovich. It is also admired for its interpretations of music by Beethoven, Dvorak, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Schubert, Smetana and others. For the musical program of “American Composers” one can hardly imagine a more appropriate ensemble than the PACIFIC TRIO. All members of the trio are also known for their impressive individual careers. Pianist Edith Orloff very successfully performs as a recitalist, chamber musician and soloist with orchestra. She was a guest soloist with the Houston Symphony Chamber Players and German Ensemble Con Brio (among others) and frequently collaborates with her husband David Peck, principal clarinetist of Houston Symphony. John Walz, a pupil of legendary Pierre Fournier, is considered one of his generation’s outstanding cello players. As a soloist he has worked with more than 120 symphony orchestras worldwide and performed more than 25 different cello concertos. He is also solo cellist with the Los Angeles Opera. Since 1990, Roger Wilkie has been working as concert master and solo violinist of Long Beach Symphony. He was also a member of Camerata Pacifica performing several hundred concerts with them. In recent years he worked regularly in the big studios of Hollywood, e.g. as concert master for composer John Williams.

Pacific Trio: American Composers

Νο Τίτλος Διάρκεια
1 Ouverture 01:15
2 Summertime 03:09
3 My Man’s Gone Now 03:53
4 It Ain’t Necessarily So 03:34
5 Bess, You Is My Woman 04:38
6 There’s A Boat Dat’s Leaving Soon For New York 02:12
7 Oh Lawd, I’m On My Way 01:15
8 Adagio Non Troppo-Piu Mosso-Allegro Vivace-Meno Allegro-Largamente 07:33
9 Tempo Di Marcia 03:37
10 Largo – Allegro Vivo E Molto Ritmico 04:55
11 Study On A Jewish Theme 13:08
12 Allegro Con Moto 04:25
13 Allegro Giocoso 02:30
14 Andante 04:23
15 Finale: Allegro Con Spirito 03:42
16 Second Prelude 03:42
Total time: 67:51

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