Ronald Stevenson Piano Music

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Divine Art

(3 CD)

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Ronald Stevenson Komm Susser Tod (After Bach),
Prelude And Chorale (An Easter Offering),
L’Art Nouveau Du Chant Appliqué Au Piano (Volumes 1 And 2),
Six Pensées Sur Des Préludes De Chopin,
Variations-Study On A Chopin Waltz,
Etudette D’Après Korsakov Et Chopin,
Three Contrapuntal Studies On Chopin Waltzes,
Le Festin D’Alkan,
Sonata No. 1 In G Minor (After Ysaÿe),
Sonata No. 2 (After Ysaÿe),
Norse Elegy,
Canonic Caprice On ‘The Bat’,
Fantasy For Mechanical Organ (On Mozart’S K. 608),
Romanze From Piano Concerto In D Minor K.466 (After Mozart),
Melody On A Ground Of Glazunov,
Ricordanza Di San Romerio,
Three Grounds (After Purcell),
Toccata (After Purcell),
Little Jazz Variations On Purcell’S ‘New Scotch Tune’,
Hornpipe (After Purcell),
The Queen’S Dolour (After Purcell),
Two Music Portraits,
Three Elizabethan Pieces After John Bull .


Murray Mclachlan (Piano).

Ronald Stevenson is one of the most original minds in the world of the composition of music. – So said Yehudi Menuhin. This magnum opus set is a magnificent culmination of several years of planning and a great acheivement by Murray McLachlan. Stevenson’s most remarkable work, Le Festin d’Alkan, is given a superb performance as are his incredibly varied transcriptions and fantasies on Bach, Ysaÿe and Chopin (and others) and a number of his other original works.

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