Wagner Vs Verdi

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Wagner Vs Verdi The Revolutionairies (A Film By Pepe Pippig),
Verdi’S World (A Film By Anna Schmidt),
The Wagner Religion (A Film By Daniel Gerlach),
… And The Women (A Film By Martin Betz),
The Chant (A Film By Thomas Macho),
… And The Effects Of Their Music (A Film By Christian Kugler).

The decision between Wagner and Verdi devides opera lovers into cultural enemies. Giuseppe Verdi, the Southern European, is famous for his anthropocentric work – lovely, melodic, tragic and true-to-life. The German Richard Wagner is known and admired for his heroic legends and myths – tremendous and expressive. The 6-part documentary series Wagner vs. Verdi presents different and very personal perspectives of work and impact of both giants of music theatre.

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